Monday, September 7, 2015

Which is the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair?

When you want to change your look and give your hair a sleeker and more polished appearance, you can always trust the best flat iron to do the job. Sometimes, those with curly or wavy hair want to experiment with a different style and use a hair tool to get them out of the monotony of the everyday hairstyle. Of course, the best flat iron is necessary in order for that new hair style to look fabulous instead of something that resembles a disaster.

When it comes to discovering what the best hair iron for your hair is, there are certain factors to take into account such as styling materials, temperature, plate size and hair type. All of these must be researched so that you can get to the best hair iron for your hair. Some people may recommend what they think is the best hair iron but you will have your own specific hair needs to cater to, so researching one that is the best for you personally is the smartest route.
Let's talk first about styling materials. Now, the best materials are ceramic or tourmaline (or both) especially when their in genuine form. What does this mean? Well a lot of standard hair irons feature regular metallic plates coated with ceramic or tourmaline and while this may seem to work at first, you will have to deal with the consequences if you use one of these flat irons frequently. The coating can peel away and cause burning and snagging and general damage. With the best flat irons, you will obtain genuine or pure ceramic or tourmaline plates, which offer an even heat distribution and negative ions combined with effective heat to style your hair perfectly. 
Temperature is important, as is plate size and hair type. The temperature and plate size of the hair iron depends on the hair type you have. For example, if you have fine, thin or short hair, the best hair iron would be one with narrow plates, adjustable temperature settings (or generally low temperatures) as well as genuine ceramic or tourmaline heating elements. If your hair is thick, curly or long, you should go for a flat iron with wider plates and higher temperatures.
There are many brands of hair irons that can match your needs, just make sure you know what those needs are instead of buying the first flat iron you see. If you need a head start, check out the Karmin G3 Salon Pro which features 100 percent genuine ceramic tourmaline plates, adjustable heat settings and many more benefits.

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